Play classic parlor, card, board games with your friends or against the Computer. There is nothing to install, you can play all the games directly in your browser.

New: Terni Lapilli, an abstract 2-player strategy game from ancient Rome, similar to tic-tac-toe.



Start a new game to have your friends join you, or to play against the computer.


Join a game that is has been created by your host.

How to play

Select the Host option to start a new game that you can play with friends, or by yourself. The host option will take you to the Game Hub where you pick the game to play, taking you to the Game Create page.

In the Game Create page, assign a 6-character passcode for each friend you want to join the game by using the New button. You are usually the first player, but you can change that with the Me button. Share the individual passcode with each friend. Your friends should enter their passcode in the Play box to join your game. Click on the Computer button for the computer to play against you.

Games you can play now

You can play all of the games below. Read the rules to pick a suitable game for you.

Check back regularly, as new games will be added every month. You can follow our blog for announcements.