Cassino is a card game played between 2-4 players. The aim of the game is to capture as many points as possible. See the wikipedia article for an overview of the game. In India, the game is called Clearance.

Play Cassino(Clearance).


The gameplay begins with four cards being dealt to each player, and four cards laid face up on the board. Players take turns one by one, in each playing exactly one card each turn, and make a single move. The moves that they can make in their turn are:

  1. They can Drop a card, and lay it face up on the board.
  2. They can Place a card face up on the board, and then use it to Build a new grouping on the board.
  3. They can use a Card from their hand, and Take a grouping with matching face value from the open board. The grouping can be created from existing face-up cards in this turn. Both the card played, and the cards in the grouping from the board are added to the player's captured cards.

Each round of gameplay is 4 turns for each player. Once the last player in the round has played his last card the round ends, and a new round starts. A new round begins with a hand of 4 cards dealt to each player. No new face-up cards are dealt after the starting round. The same player starts each round.

At the end of a round, if no more cards are left to be dealt, the game ends. Any face-up cards still left are added to the captured cards of the last player who was the last to successfully do a Take. And the players are scored as follows.

  1. Aces in the player's captured card are worth 1 point each.
  2. The 2♠ and 10♦ cards are worth 2 points each.
  3. The player with the maximum number of captured cards scores 1 point. If there is a tie, all tied players are awarded one point each.
  4. The player with the maximum number of captured spades scores 1 point. If there is a tie, all tied players will be awarded one point each.


For both the Take and Build moves, the player can create a group from the existing face-up cards. For the Build move, the player Places a card from his hand, that becomes part of the face-up cards for creating the group. Aces have a face value of 1. K, Q & J have their own face value. The grouping rules are as follows:

For both Build and Take the final result must result in exactly One new Group being formed in the face-up cards. For the Build move, card Placed by the player must be part of that group.

Example 1: Pair: K♠ , K♥ → Group(K)

Example 2: Combine: Group(4) + 2♦ + 3♣ → Group (9)

Example 3:
Faceup Groups: A♦ Group(4) Group(3)
Place A♠
Pair A♦ , A♠ → Group(1)
Combine Group(1) + Group(4) + Group(3) → Group(8)
Build Final Group(8).

In the above examples Group(X) denotes a group with face value X.


The player's screen looks like the image below.

Cassino Game Screen
Player's Screen
  1. The list of players. The player with the current turn is highlighted in yellow. Your name is marked with ⚜.
  2. The cards that are yet to be dealt. The game ends when there are no cards at the end of a round.
  3. The face-up cards. These are either single cards, or they are grouping of cards formed by the Grouping/Building rules.
  4. The cards in the player's hand.
  5. The buttons that show the moves available to the player.


The moves available to the player are displayed when the conditions are met.

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