Some of the gameplay logic (e.g. Card Shuffling) is sourced from StackOverflow. The overall logic for the min-max algorithm is inspired by the pseudo-code described in Wikipedia.

Art Assets

The SVG graphics in some of the games use pictures that are licensed using Creative Commons CC0. was very useful in finding suitable graphics.

Brainvita uses svg marble art from

We are always on the look-out for suitable art assets (pictures/music) that can be used freely (or with appropriate attribution) for our games. Please leave a message on Blog if you have any suggestions. Ideally, the works would be licensed under CC0, but CC BY 1.0 is fine too.

If you want to see more traditional games available to play, please make a suggestion on our Blog. If you have a good summary of the rules of the game you want to propose, that would be ideal.